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This Krishna consciousness temple is the hospital for the diseased spirit soul. And everyone is diseased. Come to this hospital.

We shall take care of you and cure your material disease. [HDG Srila Prabhupada]

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IPS Mentorship System

The aim of the IPS mentorship system is very simple - to encourage, inspire and empower Krishna's devotees to take the next step in their spiritual journey.











What is the role of the mentor?


As we make spiritual progress we should experience increasing pleasure in spiritual activities, a deeper sense of nourishment and a natural detachment from material things. However, we know that to strive for sense control and simplicity amongst rampant materialism or cultivate selflessness in an atmosphere charged with exploitation is no easy feat..


Spiritual progress is not always linear or one dimensional (we will have good and bad days) and so it can be helpful to have an older friend with more knowledge and life experience who we can turn to for practical guidance and support along the way. Whilst, ultimately we all have to fly our own plane in Krishna Consciousness, its worth remembering that there are lots of people within the family of Krishna's devotees who can assist us.


Clearly a mentor wont be able to chant your rounds for you or be by your side every time you face a spiritual challenge but hopefully he or she can encourage and inspire you by acting as a friend, role model, guide, tutor, coach, or confidante.



Can mentees change mentors or opt out of the system?


- Yes at any time by contacting the Mentorship Managing Team (found on the contact us page).

- In addition, there is also an automatic reset on an annual basis (every February when all mentees are asked whether they wish to opt back into the IPS mentorship system and choose their mentor for the following year).


*To be a mentee in the IPS system, you must have an IPS mentor.





Confidentiality is a principle all mentors agree to adhere to. It means that the information you share with your mentor remains with them only. Therefore you can feel safe to be open and reveal your mind to them.


Limits of confidentiality


The only times when confidentiality has a limit. Which is if you reveal any information about you or another young person being harmed. As your mentor has a duty of care, they are required to discuss these cases with a person of authority. In these cases your mentor will let you know that this is a limit of confidentially and will speak to a member of he mentorship committee. The issues brought up will be discussed with you in a supportive way by your mentor and a member of the mentorship committee.

How do I find a mentor?


First, you should visit the page on the webstie called 'See the Mentors', there you can see who is a mentor in the IPS System. Then once you have chosen a devotee, please click on the button below to follow through to the sign up form. If you are unsure of what you're looking for or who you should contact, or are uncomfortable contacting prospective mentors directly, please do contact a member of the mentorship management committee, found on the contact page, but please do have a read of the policies and faq's below. Thank you! Hare Krishna!

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