Go Deep, Grow Strong, Give Back

This Krishna consciousness temple is the hospital for the diseased spirit soul. And everyone is diseased. Come to this hospital.

We shall take care of you and cure your material disease. [HDG Srila Prabhupada]

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Policies and Procedures

If you would more information on the mentors please use the contact page.

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4. Becoming a Mentor


1. An indiviual is requested by someone desiring to join the system/already in the system to have sed individual as their mentor.

2. The individual is the asked, by the Mentorrship Team, whether they would like to do this and feel they are able to follow the requirements as set out by the IPS Mentorship Committee.

3. Then the Mentorship Team will seek approval from the individuals current mentor (who is apporved by the Committee - i.e may not be an official mentor in a system, however is trusted by the committee).

4. Then the Mentorship Team will seek approval from the IPS Mentorship Committee.

5. Finally the permission of the body of Mentors will be sought.


Once these 5 stages are complete and approved, then the individual can offiially become a mentor in the IPS Mentorship System.


3. Becoming a Mentee in the System


1. An indvidual should fill out this google form:

2. The Mentorship Team will review the form and speak with the chosen mentors.

3. Once a mentor approves then the individual will be notified and officially on the system.

5. Taking Initation


1. An indvidual should speak to their mentor about choosing their guru.

2. The mentor will liase this request to the IPS Initiation Committee, who will put the indivual on the official aspiring list of the prospective guru.

3. During the two year training period, the individual should complete the ISKCON UK Sadhana Chart and regularly discuss it with their mentor.

4. The individual should also attend the Guru-Disciple Course during this period.

5. Then when the 2 year period is over, the mentor should request for initiation of the mentee to the IPS Mentorship Committee.

6. The committee will then perform the standard checks which include:

- Disciple Exam

- Potential Interview of the Candidate

- Approval from the IPS Mentorship Committee

- Approval from the body of Mentors in the UK


Once all of the above are done then the formal ceremony of diskha will take place as organised by the UK Initiation Team or via the Guru himself.


1. What are the minimum expectations for a mentor?


In order to qualify to be a mentor in the IPS system a devotee must meet the following criteria:


a) Be chanting 16 rounds everyday and following the 4 regulative principles for a minimum of 1 year (this is an ongoing requirement once approved)

b) Be approved by their own mentor (every mentor must have an approved mentor/guide at all times), the IPS Mentorship Committee and all other IPS mentors.

c) Have at least one prospective mentee

d) Commit to following the standards expected of an IPS mentor including:

a. Meeting their mentees at least once in 2 months

b. Regularly attending IPS mentor training sessions.


There are currently three mentorship systems in the UK (ISKCON-London, Bhaktivedanta Manor and IPS).


Someone is in the IPS system if they are an IPS mentor or are under the guidance of an IPS mentor.


2. What are the minimum expectations for a mentee?


There are no minimum spiritual standards but before taking a mentor, mentees can think about the following:

• Am I ready to go a bit deeper in my spiritual life?

• How much effort am I willing to put into this?


- Mentees will be expected to arrange to meet their mentors in person at least once every two months and use the tree of life framework to discuss their spiritual progress.

- All mentees should also try to attend a Krishna Conscious event at least once every two weeks.

*Additional standards will apply for any mentee who wishes to take initiation.